Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Medical Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum is used for a wide variety of applications in which the removal of by-products is required. These applications range from the meat processing industry − e.g. the removal of waste products such as spinal cords and chicken feathers from carcasses − to the woodworking industry, for example to remove sawmill dust.

Vacuum Packaging Pumps

Vacuum frequently plays an essential role in packaging processes, and in the production of packaging. Packaging can be efficiently and precisely formed, thermoformed and coated using vacuum techniques. It can also be moved, transported, opened and sealed by vacuum. During the packaging process, goods to be packaged can be fed and inserted with the aid of vacuum.

Vacuum Degassing Pumps

In many industries the degassing of liquid, semi-liquid and moist products is one of the most important applications of modern vacuum technology. Gases, vapours and moisture are extracted under vacuum from the processed material, improving product quality.

Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying System

The pneumatic conveying of bulk goods is a proven and efficient method for transporting dusts, powders, granulates and other fluidizable materials quickly and reliably within a production site. Differentiation is made between pneumatic suction conveying– that is, conveying with vacuum.

Vacuum Drying Pumps

It is inconceivable to imagine many industrial sectors and fields without vacuum drying processes. The liquid contained in the processed materials is evaporated by pressure reduction and extracted as vapour.

Vacuum drying is faster, gentler and more energy-efficient than heat drying. It is particularly suited to drying processes for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other applications in which excess heat would destroy or degrade the product.

Vacuum Lifters

Nowadays, it is inconceivable to imagine modern production procedures without holding, transporting, lifting or handling goods by vacuum. How else would it be possible to stack cardboard quickly and reliably, move glass panels, hold wooden components for milling, or load heavy items such as paper rolls, sacks or even bricks?

Vacuum Distillation Pumps

Vacuum distillation is an important process in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and has applications in many other sectors including beverage and food production. Another example is crude oil refining: crude oil contains heavier and lighter hydrocarbons with different boiling points, requiring two distillation processes. After atmospheric distillation, a second distillation is carried out under vacuum to separate heavy hydrocarbons at lower temperatures, minimizing thermal cracking and the creation of unwanted by-products.

Vacuum Evacuation Pumps

The evacuation of containers, such as the extraction of air or gas from closed containers, is one of the most widespread applications of vacuum technology. These applications are consequently highly diverse.

Evacuation is generally understood to be emptying a physical space of gases, in most industrial applications of ambient air. Evacuation chambers are used in various applications to conduct manufacturing or testing processes that would be impeded by the presence of ambient air, or in some cases by the presence of oxygen.

Vacuum Pumps for Forming, Pressing & Laminating

Forming, pressing and laminating with vacuum are popular processes in many branches of industry and in manufacturing technology. These processes are used to join a huge variety of materials together or form them into a specific mould.

Vacuum Assisted Coating Pumps

Vacuum is an integral part of the process in many coating operations, where metals, plastics or glass are coated by vapour. Often this would not be possible without vacuum. A moderate to high vacuum is applied to the chamber for air extraction at the start of the process, and then later reactive gases are extracted and/or solid materials vaporised.

Reciprocating Pumps

Oil-free vacuum pumps are commonly used in the semiconductor industry. The most important feature is the high vacuum, required to meet the special requirements of new industries, among rotary vane vacuum pumps and reciprocating pumps as the main alternatives. Over time, they have appeared in a variety of applications.

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