Regenerative Turbine Pumps


Regenerative Turbine Pumps is the official regenerative turbine pump supplier and distributor for Speck in Australia and New Zealand. Speck Australia is a subsidiary of Speck Pumps of Roth, Germany who are high quality manufacturers of regenerative turbine pumps. Buy regenerative turbine pump – For sale at

Regenerative turbine pumps (also known as peripheral pumps or turbine pumps) are hydraulic continuous-flow machines and a sub-type of centrifugal pump. They are classed as hydrodynamic pumps.

Speck is one of the most capable and innovative providers of regenerative turbine pumps in the world, and boasts decades of experience in developing and manufacturing these pumps.

Areas of application

  • Particularly suitable for high pressures and/or delivery pressures at relatively low flow rates
  • Suitable for clear or cloudy liquids with no abrasive contamination or solid content, and which have a kinetic viscosity of up to 100 mm²/s


  • Speck can offer you a wide spectrum of regenerative turbine pump outputs with many different constructive designs and drive types.
  • Compared to centrifugal pumps, they have considerably smaller dimensions and a simpler construction
  • Suitable for the delivery of gas shares
  • Delivering media pulsation-free
  • Reversible, i.e. it is possible to change the delivery direction (upon request)
  • Stable characteristic curves, even in varying operating states

Product groups