Speck Industries Pty Ltd., Gnangara, Australia

Speck Australia

As a subsidiary of Speck Pumpen Walter Speck GmbH & Co KG (Germany), Speck Australia services the ever-growing requirements of OEMs, distributors and end-users within the region. As the sole Speck pumps distributor in the region, Speck Australia’s sales, distribution and technical support now have a convenient local hub on offer through the Australian-based office.

Speck Pumps Australia

With our tailored transport agreements, Speck Australia offers fast delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our Perth-based hub makes us well-positioned to deal in one working day with both European suppliers and customers in east Australia and New Zealand.

Speck Industries is the exclusive Speck Australian distributor stocking a wide range of Speck pumps for high-demand applications. Speck Pumps Australia has positive displacement, regenerative turbine, vacuum, boiler feed, heat transfer and side-channel (horizontal multistage) pumps as well as other Speck pump varieties to service many industries such as pharmaceutical, plastics, food and beverage, welding, chemical, industrial heating and cooling, medical and many others.

Speck Distributors in Australia

A Speck pump is an excellent choice for your business. Our qualified team will assist in helping your business determine the optimum solution for your specific application and requirements.

Speck Pumps Distributor – Australia & New Zealand (Oceania)