Vacuum Evacuation Pumps

Vacuum Evacuation Pumps

Vacuum Evacuation Pumps      Vacuum Evacuation Pumps is the official vacuum evacuation pumps supplier and distributor for Speck in Australia and New Zealand. Speck Australia is a subsidiary of Speck Pumps of Roth, Germany who are high quality manufacturers of vacuum evacuation pumps. Buy Vacuum Evacuation Pumps – For Sale at

The evacuation of containers, such as the extraction of air or gas from closed containers, is one of the most widespread applications of vacuum technology. These applications are consequently highly diverse.

Evacuation is generally understood to be emptying a physical space of gases, in most industrial applications of ambient air. Evacuation chambers are used in various applications to conduct manufacturing or testing processes that would be impeded by the presence of ambient air, or in some cases by the presence of oxygen.

The level of vacuum required varies between applications, from low vacuum for central vacuum cleaning or clean rooms to high vacuum for silicon wafer coating in semiconductor production.

A huge variety of applications involve the evacuation of containers, and the range of vacuum pumps available for these applications is equally diverse. Key factors to consider when selecting a vacuum generator include the volume to be evacuated and the required ultimate pressure in the container. Nearly all of the vacuum pumps in our product range can be used to meet requirements of this kind.

SV rotary vane vacuum pumps are used in many different evacuation processes, where they excel due to their operational reliability and robustness.

LG screw vacuum pumps are particularly suitable for applications involving the extraction of corrosive or explosive gases. The dry screw technology used by LG vacuum pumps permits high levels of vacuum to be achieved.

For high vacuum evacuation processes, we recommend vacuum systems comprised of SV or LG vacuum pumps combined with rotary lobe boosters. For small volumes, we advise evacuation with SVX rotary vane vacuum pumps.

Common evacuation applications are for example

  • Vacuum Packaging – Evacuation of packaging chambers (see > Vacuum Packaging)
  • Vessel Vacuum Systems – Permanently maintained vacuum levels in vacuum containers
  • Heat Treatment – Evacuation of vacuum furnaces
  • Surface Coating – Evacuation of coating chambers
  • Mould Evacuation – Quality optimization in many casting processes
  • Space Simulation – Evacuation of space simulation chambers
  • Transfer Chambers – Used in wafer production
  • Process Chambers – Mainly used in semiconductor production

Suitable products for this application

Oil Filled Rotary Vane Pumps

SV series single-stage oil-filled rotary vane vacuum pump is a reliable, durable, economical and adaptable range of vacuum pumps.

In the circular pump body, is an air suction valve and exhaust valve (stator). The vanes are equipped with an eccentric slot in the rotor. The vane blades divide the pump chamber into three parts. The volume of the pump chamber keeps changing periodically as the rotor rotates to finish the process of gas suction, compression and elimination.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

LG series dry screw vacuum pumps can manage both condensable vapours and some solids with no residue. They offer a number of advantages over the traditional vacuum pump designs. There’s is no oil or water in contact with the process vapours, so therefore they are considered environmentally friendly.

Two Stage Oil Sealed Pumps

2XZ series direct-driven rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the main types used for pumping gas from sealed vessels. It not only can be used alone, but also can be a backing pump for booster pumps, diffusion pumps, turbo molecular pumps and titanium pumps.

It can be used for electric vacuum device manufacturing, thermos manufacturing, vacuum welding, printing, plastic, refrigeration equipment repair and instrument repair facilities, etc.