Speck Pumpen in Roth, Germany

Parent Company

Speck Pumpen, with its headquarters in Roth, Germany has been a family run organization for over 100 years with expertise in the mechanical engineering sector producing high-end pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

In 1909 Daniel Speck founded the first company to bear the Speck name, producing one line of pumps. In the 1980’s the company globalized and concurrently expanded the product portfolio to include mag drive pumps and vacuum pumps. This laid the foundations for growth of the Speck organization that has ensued. In 2005 Speck opened a second production facility in China.

Being active in the pump market for well over 100 years, means that the company is well established globally with offices and distribution networks spanning over 40 countries, to original equipment manufacturers and systems manufacturers. Being such specialized products, manufacturing is order based. What sets Speck apart is a strong customer focus, development of customer solutions and a high level of expertise.